Ash Gets Captured, Escapes, And Gets Captured Again: Pewter City Lab Pt 3

Chapter III: A Wild Team Rocket Appears

“The lady seemed very nervous. She really didn’t want Ash and his friends to meet him.

Or her stunned silence is just a natural response to Ash’s attempt at wit.

Tokapi walked right past the lady and starting to walk in to the Large Lab.

Wow. Good job.

“TOKAPI!” Misty said tring to get past the Lady. The women held her firm and wouldn’t let her get to Tokapi. [“Sorry. Only characters driven by plot past this point.”]

Ash snuck past the lady and followed the pokemon into the large Lab.

What did I tell you? Only plot driven characters.

Ash lost Tokapi in crawed room

I really have no idea. Like lobster claw? Or Crawfish? Iunno… Honestly the writing in this section only gets worse from here on out.

and couldn’t find Tokapi anywhere. He saw scienists everywhere. He had to hide. Ash ran into a room that was filled with white coats.

…a closet, you mean?

“Perfect!” Ash said smiling.

Ash put one of the coats on. The door Knob moved. Ash hid behind a box of trophes.

Why are there trophies in here? For what? Wouldn’t they be on display?

The door opened. 

“Oh, no! Not them!” Ash wispered.

Let’s see. We’re about eight pages into the story now… Team Rocket, perhaps?

“Oh this is a purrfect place to steal poke’mon.” Meowth said walking in.

Totally called it.

“With all thoose lab rattata and raticate we should at least get a bit of credit.”

Why is Team Rocket raiding this random closet anyway? What did they want to disguise themselves in white coats too? Don’t they already have a plethora of costumes to chose from without having to raid other people’s closets. It’s not like this lab’s uniform is that sophisticated that they needed to steal an exact copy…

“I wish we catch that Pikachu. Then we would be in the money!” Jessie sighed.

Hey Team Rocket. Look behind the box of suspicious trophies. I left a present there for you.

Ash was in panick. What would Team Rocket do to him if he was caught? Ash looked around him and found a box full of dotor hats and masks.

Okay. I’ve officially given up trying to understand this random ass closet. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ash found fake wigs, sparkly body glitter and ballerina shoes too… Actually that would make more sense.

“Prepare for Trouble, Team Rocket!” Ash wispered. [“Or not. Honestly, I was just trying to be witty again. I’m not very good at it yet.”]

Ash put a hat on. It looks like a shower cap my mom uses, Ash wondered.

Wow… I think I’m gonna let that one go actually. :|

He then put on the mask. How do they breath in these? Ash thought.

I have an odd misconception of what doctors and nurses wear. Well, at least this is the closest these stories have gotten to accurate.

Ash took a gasp of air and walked out from behind the boxes. 

“Ahh! A Doctor!” Meowth screamed and then wispered, “Act normal.”

ROFLMAO! :rofl:

“Oh, Hi Doctor. We were just…. going to get these coats ironed!” James lied. [“Right after our credibility.”]

It’s working! Ash thought to himself.

Well duh. It’s Team Rocket. You could have come out in a cow costume and they’d probably be just as deluded.

“Your pretty small to be a Doctor.” Jessie pondered aloud. 

Quick Ash! Whip out your 30 year old voice!

“Um, I’m small for my age.” Ash said tring to hide his voice. 

“That voice sounds might familar.” James smiled.

Not old enough, Ash! Try for 40! 

“Uh, oh!” Ash said under his breath. 

“Meowth, scratch attack now!” James and Jessie yelled. 

“AHH!” Ash screamed as the cat’s claws approached his face. Meowth cut through the costume reveiling a boy dressed in a black shirt and Blue jeans, with a blue and white jacket. On his head was a red and white baseball cap. 

:iconfacepalmplz: I finally write description but I really couldn’t have picked a more inappropriate and jarring time to do so.

“YOU!” Team Rocket screamed. 

“Hi?” Ash smiled nervously.

“You got to let me pass! My poke’mon is in there!” Misty yelled. 

“We will get some guards on it.” The lady said reaching for her walkie-talkie, ”[Go! Epic laziness attack!Security! Poke’mon lose in the building.” 

“How many?” 

“Just one.” 

“What kind of Poke’mon.” 

“A baby Tokapi.” 

“We’re on the case.”

If the lady had simply said “Security. Be on the lookout for a baby Togepi loose in the building.” there would have been no need for that pointless exchange of dialogue. And wait… does this mean there’s only one security guard in this so assumed massive labyrinth of a lab? Maybe that’s the flaw you should point out Brock. There! Right there! I’ve just solved the problem! Brock can take back his lab and we can all go home now!

Misty took Walkie-talkie and yelled into it. “Find my Tokapi!”

“Calm down, Misty. Hey where did Ash go?” Brock asked. [“Hope he didn’t fall into another cardboard box.”]

“Uh, oh!” Misty, Pikachu, and Brock said together.

Someone’s going to win the Best-Friends-Ever award!

“Why should I help you?” Ash questioned. 

Meowth took a claw and held it up to his face. “see this? You going to help us or your going to resive lots of scrachs on your face. IS that clear?”

Going to do lots of what to his face?

“Crystal.” Ash muttered.

Speak for yourself. The rest of us are still trying to figure out if you’re still in the random ass closet or not.

“Miss, Their is a boy missing too! His name is Ash Katchem. Small, dark hair, age 10. Find him too please.” Misty plelded. 

“I’ll do the best I can. [Which is not very good at all.]” The women said reaching for her walkie-talkie again. 

“MISTY! What did you do that for? [We don’t want them to actually find Ash! Then they might actually find him! Gawd Misty. Geez. Pashaw.] Now they are going to find him and kick him out, With us!” Brock yelled.

Yeah Misty. What the hell. Stop being a good concerned friend. You’re making Brock look bad.

“Sorry, where is Pikachu?” Misty searched. 

“This time don’t tell them!” Brock wispered.

This way if they find Pikachu, they can just assume he’s a dangerous wild animal and shoot him on sight. Tee hee.

Pikachu wandered down the hallways. It had no idea where to start looking for Ash. [Hurray!] Every now and then Pikachu had to duck in the shadows so not to get caught by a scientist. Then to Pikachu’s altomet suprize [Yeah iunno.] he saw Ash coming out of room. 

“Pika, Pika!” Pikachu called running to Ash. Pikachu had no idea what trouble it was getting into. 

Pikachu leaped into Ash’s arms. Once Ash relised Pikachu was in his arms Ash [dropped him?] put him on the ground [Aw damn. So less funny.] and shoed him away. Pikachu didn’t understand and started hugging his leg. 

“No, Pikachu!” Ash wispered trying to kick him off. 

“PIKACHU!” Pikachu said thunder shocking Ash.

Pikachu’s aiming for the What-Are-Friends-For award.

Ash tried his best not to scream but it’s kind of hard not to.

Yeah. Hard to imagine holding in a scream when you’re being shocked by so many volts of eletricity.

“AHH!” Ash screamed. 

Jessie, James, and Meowth came running out of the room dressed up as docters. They saw Pikachu immently. They didn’t even pay attention to Ash who was laying on the floor [smoldering] not far away. 

“Oh, so you did have Pikachu with you. Meowth, get the net gun.” Jessie called.

Net gun. For all your evil netting needs, choose the gun that gets it done. Net gun.

“Pikachu, run!” Ash barely wispered. 

Pikachu ran as fast as he could through the hallways. After 20 minutes of running [What was he, running in circles?], Pikachu fell, too tired to move any farther.

What did he run into a hamster wheel for 20 minutes? This doesn’t make sense!

“Now I have you!” Meowth said pointing the gun at Pikachu.

“NOO!” Ash said jumping in front of Pikachu.

Where did he come from?!

The gun blew. Ash got stuck in the net. [ANTICLIMATIC!] Pikachu tried freeing Ash but Meowth came running over. 

“Pikachu, forget me! RUN!” Ash yelled. [“Again! Cause it worked so well last time!”]

Pikachu fled.

Yeah. Don’t bother looking conflicted about the decision either, Pikachu.

Meowth followed with the rest of Team Rocket not far behind. Ash sat there stuck in the net. He was powerless to save Pikachu now.

Kind of hard to jump in the way of future net gun attacks when you’re already in a net.

“You’re coming with us!” Jessie said grabbing the handle of the net.

The net has a handle? What?

Pikachu ran through the hallways. It saw the back door. Pikachu ran even faster. Meowth had a cage on the other side of the door. Pikachu was running really fast and couldn’t stop in time. Meowth shut the cage door.

…Okay. I know it makes no sense. Just trust me, Pikachu’s captured too now. ANTICLIMATIC TO THE MAX!

NEXT TIME ON PEWTER CITY LAB, while Brock, Misty and the nameless tour guide lady are fretting about the missing Togepi, Team Rocket waltzes right past them with the netted Ash and Pikachu potato sacked over their shoulders. Eventually the lone security guard happens across Togepi who turned out to be only five feet from the lobby where the rest of them were being held. However, because Ash couldn’t be found- Brock sues the lab for being too big and labyrinthy and gets his gym back. Everyone lives happily ever after except for Ash and Pikachu who get sold on the black pokemon market.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!




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