Yup, Ash is Captured Again: Pewter City Lab Pt 5

Chapter V: IT’S A TRAP

“We have to split up!

:iconloopydanceplz:Because it’s backwards day! And we need to do the opposite of what would help in this situation!

You go that way, me and Pikachu go this way.” Ash yelled to Misty and running down the hallway. 

After a while of looking for Brock, Ash and Pikachu sit on a bench [:icontrapplz: It’s a trap!!!] to rest. Suddenly the bench tilted back to a trap door.

Oh crap. I was right! …Who the heck would think of booby trapping a bench? What if they didn’t sit down?  TR probably had a hundred of these things littering the hall in the off chance they would sit down. There were probably pictures that if you stared at them too long would make a pit hole open up beneath you. And trash cans that eat you if you used them. TR MAKES USEFUL TRAPS!

“AHHH!” Ash and Pikachu screamed [“THIS TRAP IS ILLOGICAL!”] falling back through the hole.

“Ash?” Misty said looking through the hallways. A few moments ago she heard the most blood-chilling scream.

Apparently the trap door opened out into a wood chipper.

She couldn’t find him anywhere, or pikachu.

Finding Pikachu is just an afterthought. Ash is the important one!

Misty turned the coner and to her altoment suprize […is it a bad sign when even I don’t know what I was writing?] stood Brock. He looked dazed, or confused. [Or both. Or neither. He seemed confused that his face hadn’t decided on an emotion.]

“BROCK!” Misty ran to hug him.

“Why [do you abuse the caps lock]?” Brock trailed msteriously. 

“What?” Misty asked. 

“Team Rocket had me in a cage,” Brock said starting his story.

What is with my TR and cages? Where do you get human sized cages anyway? Is there an abundance somewhere? Is there a warehouse where you can buy cages for humans or other large animals? Like for circuses?

“They knocked me out and put me in a cage.

Ah, ignore me. My logical questions will just distract you from Brock’s amazing story.

At first they were planning to take my poke’mon. Then they changed their mind and let me go. [Riveting, isn’t it?] They said something about a trap bench [Lawls] and finally catching something.” 

“Ash! They are trying to catch Ash’s Pikachu and kill Ash!” Misty screamed.

Aw too bad, Team Rocket. You’ll have to try harder at being vague next time.

“Of course! We need to warn Ash and Pikachu!” Brock said.

Wow. He’s slow on the uptake.

“I think it’s alittle late for that.” A voice said behind them.

Geez. The Twerps seems to excel at getting hoodwinked in my story. Multiple times too. You’d think they’d expect Team Rocket to be standing behind them anytime they take too long of a pause… I know I do. :iconscaredplz:

Misty and Brock turned around quickly to see Team Rocket standing behind them. They had beside them a tied-up and gagged Ash. No Pikachu was seen.

Guess there was a wood chipper after all. :iconomgnoesplz:

“What do you want?” Brock said angerly.

“Yea and why, now, start gagging people?” Misty asked.

Odd question…

“He bit my hand!” Meowth yelled showing a red paw. 

“Good work, Ash!” Misty laughed. [:icongreatjobplz: “Good work pissing off the people holding you hostage!”]

“Shut up!” Jessie hissed, “The reason we are here is to make a deal. Ash for your poke’mon, deal?” 

“What about Pikachu?” Misty asked. 

“Noway, you are just lucky we are giving him up.” Meowth snickered. [Because human trafficking isn’t beneath us at all!]

“I will do anything to save a friend. I’m in,” Brock said handing them his poke’balls.

But apparently his pokemon aren’t friends. Nice. Good job not hesitating at all there, Brock.

“Great, now we can add them to Ash’s poke’balls.” James snickered. 

“Ash may be annoying but he still owns me that bike and I want him to buy it for me before he dies.” Misty said handing over her poke’balls. 

Her love for Ash is simply overwhelming. Ash has the best of friends.

“NOO!” Ash screamed through the gag in his mouth

He really doesn’t want to pay that bike back, does he?

but he couldn’t be heard, no matter how loud he screamed.

Ash knew what was going to happen next. [I think I know too.] Team Rocket grabbed Ash beside them and said, “Sorry but it takes 3 months to deliver a brat and sometimes they don’t always come back in a full piece.”

:iconrejectedplz: Wow.

The trap door opened from underneth Ash

I’m assuming there was a picture nearby that Ash was staring at too long.

and he fell into the cage once again. Team Rocket followed behind him but landed somewhere else. Pikachu leaped into Ash lap and untied him.

That’s a talented Pikachu.

Pikachu then hugged him hard.

To make sure he was the real Ash I’m sure. CHECK HIS HAT, PIKACHU!

Ash took the gag and threw at Meowth to hit him on the head. It was okay to see Meowth to jump up and down yelling.

Oh stop being melodramatic, Meowth. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that much.

But Ash wasn’t any happier.

You could bite Meowth again. Maybe that’d cheer you up.

He may have looked calm but he was down right terrified.

You’d almost think he didn’t want to get captured, huh?

“How dare Team Rocket trick us like that.” Brock said pacing back and forth. [:icononionnouplz:“How dare they act exactly like they always do!”]

“Trick you, maybe.” Misty muttered. [“I was looking for an excuse to get rid of my useless pokemon.”]

“What?” Brock asked. 

“Ash knew it. I knew it. Pikachu knew it.” Misty muttered.

Brock was apparently too busy standing there wondering what kind of confused he should look again.

“Knew what?” Brock asked. 

“Me, Ash, and Pikachu knew Team Rocket’s plan,” Misty started. “So we made a plan. [To do exactly as Team Rocket wanted apparently… :icondontunderstandplz: We’re so devious.] We knew Team Rocket was only after 3 things: Ash, Pikachu, and our poke’mon. Ash had an idea that we would hid our poke’balls in the closet, so that they wouldn’t be looking in the closet we switched them with the ones in the closet. The ones in the closet are emtey.

…What? I mean… this sounds like an awesome plan! Thanks for letting Brock not be a part of it. Forget his stupid pokemon, right?

I guessed they would catch Ash and Pikachu so I gave him a hair clip.” Misty finished.

She’s such a good friend.

“What’s the hair clip for?” Brock asked.

For Ash’s hair, duh.

“Just a little bit farther.” Ash wispered picking the lock.

With a hair pin right? Not a hair clip… Would be hard to pick the lock with a hair clip.

“Oh no you don’t.” Meowth said taking the hair clip away. “Nice try.”

:iconclapplz: Good plan, Misty.

“Meowth come over here. Let’s see what’s in these poke’balls.” Jessie called to Meowth.

I’m guessing pokemon.

They opened all the poke’balls but only a quater of them had pokemon in them.

:icononionpanicplz: Oh sheetz!

“Is this your idea of a joke?” Jessie screamed at Ash with the rest of Team Rocket behind her. [“BECAUSE IT’S FLIPPIN’ HILARIOUS!”]

“Now Pikachu! [DO THE HULA!]” Ash yelled kicking the door opened. 

Ash ducked down as Pikachu (from behind Ash) used a very powerful thunder shock. 

“Pika, Pika, CHU!” Pikachu yelled.

“AHH!” Team Rocket screamed as the shock hit them. After it was over, Team Rocket was fried. 

“HA, HA, HA, HA!” Ash laughed [:iconwoodyrapefaceplz:] as he ran out of the underground room, “See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!

“So what do we do now?” Brock asked.

Wait to be a useful plot device? Oh wait… it’s my fanfic. That would never happen.

“Wait and listen. [For the screams… :iconbuzzrapefaceplz:]” Misty wispered. 

Suddenly there was a, what sounded like a, expositon

Surely not exposition! In my fanfic, impossible!

and screams. 

“It worked!” Misty laughed happily.

The hair clip was supposed to cause explosions?!

Ash and Pikachu ran through the hallway to the closet. Ash took the Poke’balls and right when he was about to leave, 

“Your under arrest for pokemon stealing.”

:icononisquirtplz: Wait what?

“Officer Jenny?” Ash asked.

Way to arrive at the most inopportune moment and get completely the wrong idea, Officer.

NEXT TIME ON PCL, Officer Jenny arrests everyone but Team Rocket. Team Rocket makes off with the rest of the lab’s pokemon (not to mention Brock’s). Ash and Pikachu are only in jail for a week before Team Rocket turns their bed into a trap bench and throws them into one of their many cages to make off with them. Officer Jenny was conveniently looking the other way at the time. Eventually Officer Knows-What’s-Up hires a hit squad to kill Ash and Pikachu on sight as they are obviously armed and dangerous jail skipper-outers. A year later, the lab, already suffering economically from the pokemon thefts of last year, explodes in a freak Togepi accident. Misty and Brock happen to read this in the newspaper and feel bad that they ever made fun of the late Ash Ketchum’s dreams. Then Brock and Misty proceed to break out of jail with explosive hair clips.


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