Brock Is The Biggest Asshole Ever: Pewter City Lab Pt 9


Chapter VIIII: Everyone Survived (Somehow)

Pikachu and Bulbasaur got on Pigeotto and flew down the cliff. They searched the waters high, and low for a half an hour. Pikachu then senced something. [Seanced? Wow. Even his pokemon think God won’t send Ash back. Maybe he shouldn’t have.]  Bulbasaur told Pikachu they had already searched that part of the water and Ash couldn’t have held his breath for 30 minutes. [aboishappyplzHe can if he talks to God, derp. Also 30 minutes? God really went on and on didn’t he?] But sure enough out of the water came Ash.


He was struggling to keep afloat. Pigeotto flew closer.


Ash tried to stay above the water but he was too tired.

“Squirtle I choose you!” Ash said swallowing a mouthful of water. Squirtle came out of his poke’ball and lifted Ash above the surface. Ash then relised that soon squritle would be tired. [He only just got into the water! Have some faith in your pokemon, Ash! Geez, first Pidgeotto and now Squirtle.] He couldn’t pull Ash all the way. Suddenly Pigeotto flew down with Pikachu and Bulbasaur on his back.

“I have in Idea.” Ash said. [“It’s so good it deserves to be capitalized.”] Ash found a spare poke’ball and pointed it at Bulbasaur. “Bulbasaur return.” Bulbasaur did as he was told. [Well, that’s it. That was my plan. Good work, guys.] Pikachu leaped into Ash’s arms. “Pigeotto, squirtle I will need your help.” Ash called.   


“Someone said they saw a small boy fall of cliff not far away.” Brock said to the group. [“It has to be Ash. You know how he can’t resist cliffs.”

“Ash! or it could be Jessie.” Misty pondered. [“Probably Ash. Most likely… definitely Ash.”]

“Whatever! We need to call Officer Jenny. She can help us search the lake.” Brock said staring at the endless crater filled with water.

What a strange way to describe a lake. I think Brock has a grudge against large bodies of water.

“I don’t think we have to, look!” Misty said pointing at something speeding towards them.

Needless suspenseful build-up is needless.


Ash was rideing with pigeotto on his shoulders pushing him along, [How can Pidgeotto be pushing him? With what arms?] sqirtle pushing his feet, [What? Why? What?] pikachu in his arms sleeping soundly [Slacker!]. He was going to shore, fast. Ash felt the winds blow past him. He felt like he was surfing.


So I know what I was trying to describe here. But it really doesn’t come across does it. Sounds he just made it more complicated with two pokemon needlessly pushing him instead of just one leading him back to shore. It’s not like this was happening in the middle of a storm. The weather is calm and Ash is like, no my water pokemon can’t possibly handle water!dontunderstandplz What?! 

On shore, Misty, Brock, and Tokapi could belive their eyes. When Ash reached the land, he returned all his Poke’mon expect, of course, Pikachu.

“Is it really you?” Misty asked.

Good think she checked before the inevitable welcome back kiss.

“Yes, the last time I cheaked.” Ash smiled.

Misty rethinks the welcome back kiss.

“Just to be sure, what do you still own me since I first met you?” Misty questioned.

“This is not the greatest time to ask for a new bike.


I’m hungry, and look what I caught.” Ash said opening his back pack. Inside were 3 plump fish and 1 smaller one. “We just need to cook them.” Ash smiled.

The acts that followed were swift and unspeakable.


“Yummy! That was delious, Ash.” Misty smiled liking her lips. [Did they just eat a bunch of magikarp and goldeen?]

“Brock is the one who cooked them.” Ash said taking Pikachu’s and his own plate to the sink.

images (1)


“How did you ever ecape Team Rocket?” Brock asked. “And back into your old body?”

“It a long story.” Ash commeted. [“Let’s never speak of it again.” image]

“Well, The people at the lab gave me back the gym, and…” Brock contiuned. “I sold it!”

omgnoesplz Oh my f-king god. What?!

“What?” Ash and Misty screamed. “To Who?”

No. I’m sorry. What? What? After all that? image YOU F-KING SOLD THE GYM?


“To a young boy who promised to make a gym out of it.imageHE HAD A WHOLE CONVERSATION WITH GOD!] He had quite a nice Charmander with him.imageHE- Wait…] I have seen him before but I forgot his name. [LOL. sparklepireplz? He’s back?]” Brock finished.

“Well, At least we don’t have to go there again.” Ash smiled.

“Pika!” Pikachu laughed.

“Tokapi!” tokapi said falling asleep in Misty’s arms.

“I wonder what happeaned to Team Rocket.” Ash pondered.

Well, that was pretty out of character. Most of the time, Ash is just like “TR? dontunderstandplzWho cares!”


“I’m going to kill you!” Jessie screamed At James and Meowth. “We had him and Pikachu, but you let them get away!”

“Sorry Jess but we got confused and didn’t know which is which, so just on the safe side, the cage can’t be to uncomtyable.” James smiled locking the cage door.

Well, that’s an oddly dark note to end on.


EPILOGUE: Bryan did indeed get control of the Pewter City Lab and returned it to the prosperous gym it had been once again. That was until a freak Togepi explosion finally wiped the gym off the map, ten years later. However, at this point, Pikachu and him were happily honeymooning on Professor Oak’s private pokemon island. 

When James and Meowth finally let Jessie out of the cage, she in turn captures them in a cage. In her defense, she claimed not to know if they were who they said they were either. This back and forth eventually ends in Team Rocket going their separate ways in the quest to capture Pikachu. Thankfully Ash and company manages to bring them back together by blasting them off one more time into each other’s arms. 

A week later, Ash falls off another cliff. God is less than happy to see him. 



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