My Marysue Is Better Than Yours: Back To The Future Pt 12

Chapter XII: Back to the Present

“Yawn!” Ash yawned [Also “SNEEZE!” Ash sneezed and “COUGH!” Ash coughed.] waking up from his nap.

Or coma. For Ash it’s the same thing really.

It was morning. The sun was shining brightly outside, the Birds were chriping, and Brock, Misty, Professer Oak, Charmander, and Ash’s Mom were snoring loudly.

What the? Are they all in Ash’s bed?

Pikachu jumped up on Ash’s lap. 

“Pika, Pikachu?” [“Kinda crowded up here you think?”] Pikachu apoliged. [“Oh yeah. Sorry for nearly killing you. My bad.”]

“It’s ok pikachu. I know you didn’t mean to shock me.” Ash replied, “I guess we are the only ones up. Pikachu, do you know where the time machine is? [Let’s ditch these guys and go back in time before they wake up. Haha! Imagine the look on their faces.]” 

“Pika!” Pikachu answered. [“Fish tacos!”]

“Bryan, Bryan, wake up!” Ash called. [“Where’d you hide the time machine, you ass?!”]

Bryan woke up with a jump. 

“Come on, we need to go home.” Ash wispered. [“I think I left the stove on. Plus we should probably hurry up and go back before TR randomly pops up and tries to stop us again. There’s still four pages left. It could happen!”]

Ash and Byran pulled open the Shed door. 

Wow! This machine is alot bigger than I thought it to be!

He thought the box that took him through time was the size of a shoe box apparently.

How are we going to pull this to the stage?” Ash asked in wonder. 

“With help!” Brock said walking to them with everyone behind him.

BTW didn’t earlier Ash refuse to travel through time before he could go talk to his mom. Then he tried leaving before saying goodbye. What an asshole. Sorry, random thought. Carry on…

“PULL [MY FINGER]!” Misty yelled to everyone in the front. 

“PUSH!” Ash yelled to everyone in the back.

Shouldn’t they be yelling heave ho? They’re doing it wrong!!

They worked real hard and finally made it to the stage.

Yeah… Why does the stupid thing have to be on the stage any way?

Once everyone had gotten on the stage, Ash, Bryan, Pikachu and Charmander agian made their goodbyes.

Well technically only Ash is making his goodbyes again. He was ready to leave Bryan behind last time.

Ash walked in. 

“Goodbye Mom. Goodbye Misty. Goodbye Brock and Professor Oak. Goodbye Team Rocket… WAIT TEAM ROCKET?!”

“Come on Pikachu!” Ash said holding out his hands. Pikachu jumped into his arms. Bryan and Ash guessed that if they held their Pokemon maybe there would be more room,

How’d you figure?

“Wait!” [Oh here we go. Preparing for trouble times two.] called Misty. [Huh. Guess not.] She tossed him his book bag. [“We have no use for this now that we’ve stolen everything out of it! …Thanks by the way!”]

“Thanks, […I guess] I know it’s emtey but I might need it later [to smother you in your sleep… did I say that out loud?].” Ash said shutting the door.

Really he just closed the flap of the cardboard box… the magical cardboard box.

Before they shut the door Bryan called out “See ya! [Wouldn’t want to be ya! No seriously. Cause once we travel back through time this dimension will cease to exist. Nice knowing you!]

“AHH!” Ash, Pikachu, Charmander, and Byran screamed. The box swayed back and forth.


“What do you mean you don’t know where they went?” Misty yelled at Team Rocket. 

“Yeah, where is Ash?” Sarah and Taylor asked angerly.

Who the…? Where’d these people come from?

Suddenly behind them came a loud noice. Sarah, Taylor, Misty, Brock, Meowth, Jessie, and James turned around quickly. There behind them was the time machine. 

“Wow, that was quick.” Brock said amazed.

Brock was hoping they’d stay lost for at least twenty years or so.

Sarah ran to the Machine and pulled the door opened. Inside was too uncounice [Ew. So they melted?] Poke’mon

That’s what pokeballs are for you dipwads. Now look what you’ve gone and done. You uncouniced your pokemon… whatever that means.

and two boys. 

“How did you get in there, Byran?” Sarah and Taylor asked.

Bryan: :iconsparklepireplz:

Byran opened his eyes slowly and said [“Who the hell are you?”] “Hi guys.” 

Then a Pikachu with a blue bow on it’s head jumped on Sarah’s shoulder.

Oh I get it now. Sarah was supposed to be me. Awww my first horrible marysue. :aww:

“Pika, Pikachu?” The Pikachu asked. 

“They should be okay, [Apparently I can speak Pikachu.] Sky. [Oh god. Sky? Seriously that’s what I named my pikachu? Gag me.]” Sarah said petting her Pikachu.

Why not Lolipop or Topaz or Feathers while I’m at it. At least those would be less annoying!

Sarah helped Byran to his feet and Misty helped Ash.

I mean really. Sky? Well I named myself Sarah so obviously I had already run out of names to use. But Sky? Sky? Seriously? 

Sky [GAH! :faint:] tried to help both Charmander and Pikachu at the same time, (it didn’t work)!

I named everything Sky when I was a kid. Now that name causes me physical pain. I really should have seen it coming though… Could have been worse. Could have named it Seastar. -shudder-

“PIKACHU!” Sky said shocking Charmander. (Ash’s Pikachu dodged the bolt. [Because apparently Ash’s Pikachu can dodge while unconscious. He’s that awesome.]) Charmander woke up quick. 

“You have a really good Pikachu, Ash.

Apparently I don’t care that my pikachu just randomly tried to attack the other pokemon. I refuse to call it Sky. It’s a pikachu, dammit. Hell even something dorky like Hermes or Zeus would have been cooler.

You trained it well.” Sarah said petting his pikachu. 

“Thanks.” Ash said proudly. 

Sky jumped back on Sarah’s sholder. “Pika Pik!” Sky said. [“I have a dumbass name!”]

“Your’s is good too.” Ash added. [“Now shut up and kiss me.”] “Who are you?” 

“My name is [Shannon, I mean] Sarah. [Yeah that’s totally my name.] that Tayor, [We don’t know who he is either. Don’t make eye contact…] and this is my Pikachu, Sky. [GAH! E’tu brute! :faint:] We are friends of Byran’s.” Sarah said. 

Byran: :iconsparklepireplz: …Sup?

Ash looked around confused. “How did you get here?” Ash asked.


Sarah and Tayor were about to answer when Misty cut in. “After we found out that the magicans were Team Rocket…”

Is Taylor a boy or a girl? Iunno if I ever address that… Maybe he’s just a zombie that Byran sucked dry.

“I know that!” Ash interupted.

Only because Misty already told you. :roll: 

“How could you? You didn’t even see Team Rocket until now.” Misty said.

Because it’s so hard to figure it out!

“You already told me that in the…” Byran covered Ash’s mouth. [:O_o:]

“Let’s just say he saw through thoose fake outfits.” Byran completed.

Oh. I thought Bryan was going to rape-bite Ash for a second there. You know… cause he’s a vampire. False alarm!

“Okay?” Misty said  continuing.

Misty thought Bryan was going to rape-bite Ash too. But unlike me, she’s kind of disappointed.

“Well, Sarah and Tayor came down the road. And they helped us catch Team Rocket in the cage over there and make hem talk.” Misty finished.

Because that’s what random strangers do. Help other random strangers catch and torture criminals. Riiiiiight.

“Hey, I though you were going off to find fire wood? How did you get here, Byran?” Tayor asked.

 :ohnoes: Gasp! It speaks!

“It’s a long story and you wouldnt belive me if I told you.” Bryan sighed. [“So let’s not bother explaining it~!”]

“Nice outfit.” Sarah laughed at Byran silver clothes. 

“See what I mean.” Byran muttered [What? No. I don’t see.] to himself.

Oh to himself. I guess we weren’t supposed to understand that random statement. It’s all good then.

“Guys, over here!” Ash called.

Ash had found two of his Backpacks. One emtey, one full.

Fascinating. </sarcasm>

“Wow, that’s interesting.” Brock said impressed. [“Not.”]

Suddenly, one of the bags vaporated into thin-air.

Thus ended the future world and all the lives that existed there. They went out in a blinding explosion of white; cursing Ash’s name.

All that was left was the full backpack, Ash’s old one. 

“Wierd!” Sarah, Misty, Taylor [Is it Tayor or Taylor? Seriously! Make up your mind on the spelling!] and Brock said together.

“Brains,” Taylor added.

Ash and Byran just smiled at each other.

Byran didn’t smile. He just sparkled.

Back on the trail, the two groups said their goodbyes and set off on their own quest. Maybe the would meet again, someday.

Ash: “Hey guys… where’s pikachu?”

“Let us out!” Jessie screamed. 

“I can’t belive they forgot us!” 

“That can’t be easy with you guys saying your motto all the time.” Meowth snickered. [ What? Meowth: Shut up!]

“It looks like Team Rocket is trapped again!” 

THE END [Thank god.]

EPILOGUE: Sarah and Byran travel the world with their pet zombie Taylor. Eventually Taylor eats Sky putting her out of Sarah’s misery. Sarah in turn catches a Bulbasaur… because… Bulbasaurs are cool! And she names the Bulbasaur “Captain Awesome”.

Team Rocket dies in the cage. Ash and company is put up on charges for it. When it comes time for the trial, Ash abandons the rest of them to their fate and jumps back through time via the cardboard box. Unfortunately he ends up in the time of the Dinosaurs and is eaten by Charizard’s ancestor… Which he somehow survives.

Misty, bitter by Ash’s betrayal, manages to get a shorter sentence by fingering Brock as the mastermind. Brock is given the chair and Misty bides her time in jail planning her revenge on Ash. Once she gets out Ash is getting an unpleasant surprise through the time machine. She’s currently trying to decide between a bomb or Charizard. She’s leaning towards Charizard.

Pikachu, who was kidnapped by Byran, eventually marries Byran and gives birth to his satanic spawn which they name oighrp9uhrepdfiuhwrubfdionrdfhlcoi388ehjnvdsl, after their parents. They live happily ever after.



Ash Dies, Twice: Back To The Future Pt 11

Chapter XI: The Magic of Pokemon Spit

“Help!” Misty called. “Help Ash, I think he is not breathing!”

Apparently Bryan :iconsparklepireplz: got thirsty. It won’t be long before the sparkling sets in. First pokemon movie style.

Misty tried shaking him over and over again but he didn’t move. Pikachu was tring it’s best to wake Ash, but he was too weak to thunder shock or even a little static bolt. Pikachu couldn’t belive Ash was gone.

Rather quick to come to that conclusion though.

Pikachu did the only thing that it could think of.

Sparkly cry attack?

 Pikachu came up and licked Ash on the nose.

Are you serious? If that works I’m gonna be pissed.

“Huh, what happened?” Ash said opening his eyes.


“Pikachu!” Pikachu said overjoyed.

Pokemon restorative saliva. Deus ex machina for the win!

Pikachu sungled :O_o: Did what?] up to Ash and went to sleep.

Ash promptly went back to dying.

Ash and Misty smiled at each other [“Oh Ash, I’m so glad you’re breathing again.”] and went back to sleep as well.

Going to sleep in below 0 temperatures with damp clothes on. So not a bad idea.

 Right before Misty dosed off she wispered [“Thank god for pokemon spit.”] “I glad I didn’t lose you for a 2nd time.”

“Alittle farther, Alittle farther, there!” Byran said to Brock and Professer Oak.

There are so many nasty jokes I could make here. But I choose to remain silent.

“Bringing the time Machine to this shed was a great Idea […apparently]. Thank you for offering it.” Professer Oak said shutting the doors. 

“It was nothing, It was the least I could do! Ash gave up a chance of going home and I’m not going home untill we can go home together.” Byran said walking into the cabin.

Really Bryan is the nicer person here. Ash held no qualms leaving Bryan stranded earlier. He only turned back when he saw Bryan was being held hostage by TR. Honestly, Bryan really has no reason to be nice at the moment. Course… he could just be luring these poor saps into his home for dinner.

“I hope that Ash is okay! I can’t sleep thinking Ash is out in that storm.” Ash’s Mom said cring into a tissue.

That’s why she’s sitting warm indoors and not out looking for him. Riiiiiight.

“Noone should go into that storm looking for Ash. [Riiiiiiight.] Ash might not even be out there. He probelly is still with Team Rocket [That’s so much better.] and thinking of a way to get out.

I’m not sure who’s talking here but I’d just like to point out how no one is worried about Misty. Nice friends.

“Bring, Bring!” The phone rang. 

“I got it! Hello?” Brock said answering the phone. 

“Give us back, Ash and Pikachu. We know you have them. Now give them back.” Team Rocket shouted on the other line.

Wait… how did they get that number? And why are they… Oh never mind. I give up trying to understand.

Brock droped the phone. “He is out in the storm with Misty and Pikachu.” Brock studdered.

Now he mentions the other two. But the way he worded it makes it sounds like the other two will eat Ash given the opportunity. Oh who am I to question it. Maybe they will eat Ash. Hope they save some for Bryan- he’s been waiting so patiently.

Ash woke up in pitch black. He looked at his watch: 12:07 am. Ash was covered head to toe with mud.

Hopefully just from the walk and not from some crazy sleepwalking mud slinger.

“Misty wake up!” Ash wispered. 

“What?” Misty moaned. [“I’m muddy! :cries:“]

“Look!” Ash wispered pointing to a glowing red light in the distance. 

“Run!” Misty screamed.


Ash picked up Pikachu and started running after Misty. 

“Wait Misty!” Ash yelled triping over a root. He sliped down a mud slide.

“OH NO! NOT MORE MUD!!! :cries:

“AHHH!” Ash and Pikachu screamed as the saw a tree come closer and closer.

Oh my god. Lawls. Death by tree. Hope Pikachu has some saliva handy.

Misty stopped and looked behind her. Ash was gone. 

“Ash? Where are you?” Misty wispered. Suddenly behind her she heard voices.


Misty ran through the woods. After she caught her breath… She layed down by a tree, sure she had lost whoever or whatever it was following her. Tap, Tap, Tap!


Misty felt someone tap her sholder.

Yes. That is exactly what a tap on the shoulder sounds like.

She spun around quickly. To her altomet suprize thire stood [a whole bunch of spelling errors]. Byran and Charmander.

:iconsparklepireplz: :iconcharmanderplz:

“Oh, am I glad to see you.” Misty said hugging them.

Bryan stiffens at her touch. “You smell like freezia and… food.”

“Have you seen Ash?” Byran asked.

“Maybe… Pikachu too? I’m thinking I will need something to wash the freezia down.”

“I thought you had him!” Misty gasped.

Bryan sighs. “Dammit. Probably killed himself already. Guy’s like a walking elephant crossing a tightrope on a broken tricycle with no net.” Pause. “I’ve been working on my metaphors, what do you think?”

Misty stares at him blankly.

Pikachu responds, “That was a simile not a metaphor, you nitwit. Honestly!”

…I’m bored.

Ash woke in a dark cold place.


“Pikachu?” Ash wispered standing up. His legs felt like jello. He fell down to the ground face-first in the mud.


Thee was a bolt of lighting and clap of thunder and there in the mud was Pikachu. 

“PIKACHU!” Ash screamed.

Hm. This seems familiar.

 He picked pikachu up gently. “Pikachu, wake up,” Ash cried, “wake up, Pikachu! Don’t leave me!

Quick Ash! Lick him! It’s the only way to save him!

Suddenly Pikachu opened his eyes. “Pikachu, pika.” Pikachu wispered.

“Don’t even think about licking me.”

“PIKACHU.” Ash said hugging him tightly. A little too tight. 

“PIKACHU!” Pikachu shouted thunder shocking Ash.

“I see you’re back to normal, uhh!” Ash said fainting.

Awww. A boy and his electric rodent.

Ash opened his eyes, and standing over him was his mom, Professor Oak, Byran, Charmander, Misty, Brock and, of couse, Pikachu. 

“Ash are you okay?” Misty called. But it sounded far away. Ash shut his eyes again.

“Ash? Ash?” Misty called.

“We need to get him to a hospital, stat!” the Professer yelled.

Seriously? What did he forget to breathe again?

“Pikachu if you use a shock it might…”

Isn’t that what got him into this condition in the first place?

Brock got cut off.

I’m assuming that Proffessor Oak just ran him through with a samurai sword.

Kill him. He is falling fast. A shock could kill him. [Heard you the first time.]” Profeser Oak finished.

Wait what are defibrillators then? I suppose his heart needs to stop first but still… I think I just want to make things difficult for everyone.

“What could save him? [What will the author let us do? She seems pretty determined to kill Ash at the moment.] We are hundreds of miles from the nearest human hospital.” Bryan asked.  

The future is mighty inconvenient.

“I could save him.” Misty said completly sure of herself.

“How?” they all asked. “You are only a nurse!”

Ouch. I apologize to all people of the nursing profession… Younger me obviously didn’t hold much faith in you for some reason.

Ash heard voices. But none seemed fillar [Ferris Bueller?]. When he opened his eyes all he saw was blurred colors. None made sence. His eye-sight was geting so bad he didn’t even look anymore.

His eyes just kinda rolled into the back of his head…

He just close his eyes. [Damn.] Ash knew he was going to die, [Really?] but he wasn’t about to die without a fight.

He’s going to kick the crap out of what’s killing him… and then die. Honestly I have no idea what I meant by that. But whatever.

“Here, this scanner should record his heart beat.” Misty said [You mean a heart monitor?] pulling a small object out of her bag.

Misty carries the essentials :iconwinknodplz:

This is what the scanner showed. 

Obviously I can’t show you the crappy drawing I did. But look at any squiggly heart monitor scan and you’ll know what I drew. Oh and basically he flat lines. Yeah… I know. But at least he wasn’t kissing someone and flat lining. Cough. Bella. Cough cough.

“I think we are losing him.” Brock said.

With Ash dead, Brock is now Captain Obvious!

“Pikachu, I need your shock to help Ash.” Misty pledded. 

“Pika!” Pikachu agreed.

“Oh so NOW you need me. Maybe if you get on your knees and beg me I’ll think about it.” Yes. He said all of that with one pika. The pikachu language is a complex and wondrous thing.

Ash opened his eyes. He was very dizzy.

What was all of that about not giving up without a fight? He freaking flat lined not five seconds after they attached a heart monitor to him.

The room seemed to spin round and round. 

“It worked pikachu!” Misty said hugging him. 

The blurred colors seemed to make shapes now. Ash slowly sat up. 

“No you don’t. You need to rest. We almost lost you and we don’t intend to again.” Ash’s mom repiled. 

Ash moaned.

Aw. But it’s only fun if you risk your life every five minutes.

He hated to rest while all around him there was excitement.

What excitement? They are all just hovering over him. I think Ash is still out of it.

But this time his mom might be right.

Only might be.

NEXT TIME ON BACK TO THE FUTURE, Ash dies… again. No amount of Pikachu licks would revive him. Everyone is… well kind of sad. But they get over it. I mean… come on, it happens a lot.

Bryan returns to his time with Pikachu in hand. He’s hoping they’ll have a spring wedding. Pikachu just wants him for his body. Dood, I’m just reciting Eclipse. Don’t give me those dirty looks. Team Rocket continues to leave nasty messages on Bryan’s answering machine forcing Bryan to change his number. Which worked for about a week.

Gotta Love Ya Some Net Guns: Back To The Future Pt 10

Chapter X: It’s Getting Dark Outside

Misty woke up very dizzy. She had washed up on a river bank down stream. 

Where am I, Misty wondered.

Washed up on a river bank down stream… Just a guess.

 Misty heard some groaning behind her. She turned around and there [:icongarymotherfuckingoak:?] Bryan was.

Sure it wasn’t muttering or murmuring you heard, Misty?

Bryan woke up and looked around as well. 

“Here.” Bryan said untieing her.

She was still tied up?

“Thanks.” Misty said glad to get the rope off, “Do you see Ash or Squirtle?” 

“No, I wonder if they made it.” Bryan questioned.

“It’s starting to get dark,” Misty said changing the subject,

Misty is well practiced in not grieving over Ash or Pikachu. :roll:

“we should start making camp and try to get some sleep.” 

“How?” Bryan’s question seemed to echo.

I’m assuming that Bryan’s inability to sleep has less to do with where they are or if Ash is alive and more to do with the fact that he’s a vampire and he doesn’t sleep.


“PikaCHUU! Pikachu!” Pikachu said trying to break the glass [with his face]

“CHAR!” Charmander said tring to do the samething. 

“Try all you want, but you will never get out of there!” James laughted.

He laughted? I wonder if that’s more or less than normal laughing.


“What was that!” Jessie asked peering into the woods. 

“Meowth throw a net into the woods!” James ordered.

Yes. Because snapping of twigs calls for thrown nets.

“Right!” Meowth said picking up a net gun.

Net gun. Instead of killing your opponents with bullets, shoot them in the face with nets.


Sound effects sold separately.

“AHH!” Ash screamed stuck in the net.

Wait. How did you get there?

“How do we always bump into you?” Jessie hissed, “Throw him the cage.”

That sounds painful. Unless it’s the portable kind of cages. Then it might just smart.

“Where is Ash?” Ash’s mom asked squirtle. 

“Squirtle, squirt, squrit, le!” Squirtle answered.

“I didn’t understand a word you just said, lady.”

“I should have known he would wander off. Comt on squirtle, we will find him. We better find him soon it is getting dark.” Ash’s mom said walking into the woods.

This is the second time someone mentioned that it’s getting dark. It must be getting dark. Did you know it’s getting dark? It’s getting darker and darker by the second. Someone better save Ash and Pikachu soon because it’s getting dark. I’m hungry.

“If I had Charmander this would be a lot easier,” Bryan said walking through the woods. 

“I should have run faster, maybe Ash wouldn’t have…” Misty trailed off. 

Or maybe you could have noticed the damn vine by your feet and pulled them up yourself instead of running off like an idiot.

“Don’t say that, we don’t know for sure.” Bryan said.

“But you’re right. It’s totally your fault… Yours and Charmander’s.”

“Help! Help me! Bryan, Misty Brock, Mom, Proffesser, anyone?” They heared a faint voice cry. 

“Could it be?” Bryan and Misty said together.


“Shut up!” Jessie hissed, [“You sound like a damn smurf!”] “I still have the broken pieces of that ray gun. I can change you back into a pikachu.”

I think I forgot that the ray gun never actually was broken. As that line was actually crossed out in the notebook. I have a few more cross outs too. I think I’ll include them anyway.

“Oh, I dare ya!

Not the best thing to say to someone threatening you with a gun.

Then I could slip through this these bars and run away.” Ash laughed.

Not laughted?

“If we give him his Pikachu maybe he will shut up.

There’s a brilliant idea.</sarcasm>

Just don’t give him the key.” James yawned. 

“Here you happy?” Jessie said handed Ash the Glass container Pikachu was in.

It’s like they are trying to pacify a toddler.

“Real happy!” Ash said patting the back pocket where the keys were.

“Hurry, I hear him over here.” Misty called to Bryan.

He’s breathing really loudly!

When they reached the camp site it was pitch black outside.

Did you notice it’s dark out now?

“ZZZZZZZ” Team Rocket snored.

They snore like the buzz of a fridge.

Misty and Bryan tip-toed to the Cage. The big cage was emtey

Then how could Misty have heard him over there? Maybe she was confused by all the ZZs thinking some of them escaped from Ash’s face?

and all that was in it was a broken glass container.

Wow TR is so dumb, it hurts.

“Ash and Pikachu must have escaped.” Misty wispered. 

“With Charmander.” Bryan wispered holding up another glass container. 

“But you won’t!” Meowth said shutting the door of the cage door shut.

Meowth must be loving it. Getting all these punchy one liners in my story.

“ASH, ASH WHERE ARE YOU!” Ash’s mom called. 

“SQUIRTLE, SQUIRT, LE!” Squirtle called.



This forest is just filled with snaps bangs and smurfs huh?

“I heard something, Squirtle. It is coming from the west maybe we should walk backwards.”Ash’s mom said.

…Yet again, I am at a loss for words.

Suddenly Ash’s mom and squirtle bumped into Ash, Pikachu, and Charmander. 

“AHH!” They screamed.

“Ash! There you are! [The unnecessary divider confused me!]  Sqirtle and I were looking all over for you!” Ash’s Mom said hugging Ash.

“Sorry to worry you,” Ash said tenderly,

“I was just being held captive by a ruthless group of criminals. I’m all better now though.”

“But I really wanted Pikachu back. I saved Byan’s Charmander as well.” 

“We came as fast as could,” Brock said running to them with Proffeser Oak close by.

“We fell into a plot hole on the way here. Sorry about that.”

 “Are you O.K. Ash.” 

“I’m fine but I can’t find Bryan or Misty.” Ash repiled. 

“We don’t have much time. We need to get you in the time machine now or never. [For some reason, the card board box doesn’t work unless we act like we’ve got only minutes to get you back.] If We don’t hurry the storm will hit and [it will be bad for some reason] destroy the machine. It might blow up!” Proffeser Oak said eagerly.

“It will hit over a 10 on the B.A. scale if my calculations are correct.”

Back at the stage,

because apparently the stage is necessary for the time machine to work… for some reason

(where the time Machine is was) Ash and Pikachu got ready to go.

Hm. No problem with leaving Bryan behind I guess.

“Let’s go Pikachu!” Ash said  walking towards the machine.

He haaaaaad to go see his grieving mother. But waiting to find his other fellow time traveler… no go. Hope Bryan can hitch a ride home with some other card board time machine.

“Not so fast!” Ash heard a voice call.


“Not again!” Ash muttered.

Took the words right out of my mouth.

“If you go, they stay!” Jessie pointing to Byran, and grabbing Charmander.

Big deal. Few minutes ago, Ash didn’t give those two a second thought.

“Wait, what are you going to do to them.” Ash yelled.

“Maybe just sell them on ebay…”

“Oh nothing. We will give Charmander to the boss and Byran, oh we will find some way to tormant him. [Make him watch a Hannah Montana Marathon.]” Jessie laughed. 

“But there is something we want more. [A hug?] If you and Pikachu surrender we will make a trade. Bryan and Charmander for you and your [soul] pikachu.” James said holding out his hand, “Have we got a deal?”

Ash turned around and nodded at pikachu. Pikachu nodded back.

“No deal.”

“It’s a deal!” Ash said shaking his hand.


“What are you thinking?” Bryan said

Clearly he’s not.

when they opened the door leting him and Charmander go. “Don’t do this! [It’s totally unnecessary… not to mention stupid.]” 

“I have trust in myself and Pikachu [Not enough to avoid the whole unnecessary situation but clearly, I’m a trusting guy], just you have trust in your Charmander.” Ash said.

Whatever that means.

“Get in there!” James said pushing Ash and pikachu in the cage [that materialized out of nowhere]. Right before they shut the door closed Ash stuck a stick in the crack so it didn’t lock.

BTW… Where the hell is Misty?

“Hey, aren’t you going to let Misty go?” Ash asked Team Rocket.

Oh hey! There she is!

 The Cage that Ash, Misty and Pikachu were in, was on a pickup truck.


They were driving down a path in the woods.


“Of couse we will let her go, next cliff we pass.” Jessie laughed.

But not laughted. So she didn’t find herself hysterically funny.

This was far enough, as long as Ash was consiered.

What the hell was I trying to say here?

“Ready guys! 1, 2…

Team Rocket is so not paying attention…

 3, Jump!” Ash screamed pushing open the door and jumping off the truck. Team Rocket didn’t even hear them go.

Of course not.

They were too buzy singing: “Oh We are all jolly good fellows. Oh We are all jolly good fellow. Oh we are all jolly good fellows, which nobody can deny.”

Oh we are all very stupid fellows too… Which nobody can deny.

“Are we far enough?” Misty gasped after running so long. 

“We can stop but they will figure it out soon and come flying back. [They have jet packs you know!]” Ash said stopping. 

“PIKAchu…” Pikachu said fainting.

I imagine the literal translation for that pika was “F U… Ash.”

“Pikachu!” Ash shouted lifting Pikachu into his arms. 

“It’s not much farther. I’ll carry you.” 

The walk seemed to go on forever.


The path never had a end.


The wind was getting so strong that Ash’s and Misty’s teeth chattered.

That’s some strong wind. Tore the teeth right out of their mouths.

Misty fell to the ground too tired and cold to go on.

“Don’t give up Misty we only have alittle bit farther.” Ash said pushing her back up.

Geez, Ash is lying to everyone today.

“Lean on me [When you’re not strong! I’ll be your friend!] and I will get you there. [I’ll help you carrrrrry on!]” 

Then the rain started. [Seriously?] It was ice cold rain. Ash was numb from the cold. Ash almost dropped but then he thought what would Team Rocket to them if they found what would they do to them? Even worse, what would happen to them if Team rocket didn’t find them? They could die in these cold woods. Then Ash made it.

Where were they going anyway?

Frozen and cold Ash fell down to the ground.

For it won’t be long ’till I’m gonna need somebody to lean on.

NEXT TIME ON BACK TO THE FUTURE, Ash thaws out and returns to find that Bryan, upon finding out how willing Ash had been to leave without him, took the time machine back to his own time alone. He left a note behind that read, “F U Ash.” Meanwhile, Misty wakes up back in TR’s cage as Ash had forgotten about her yet again. Luckily she wasn’t alone as Oak, Brock, and Ash’s Mom had conveniently warped there too.


Misty Proves Soooo Useful: Back To The Future Pt 9

Chapter VIIII: Cliff Jumping Party!

Ash walked out of the bushes in time to see Byran leaping after Charmander.

:iconzomgplz:That’s my move!

“Bryan I got you!” Ash shouted grabbning onto Bryan’s feet. Ash fell onto his stomach. He felt that he was starting to get closer and closer to the edge. “Your too heavy! [Drop that damn Charmander!]” Ash yelled getting even closer to the edge. Ash grabbed onto a tree with his feet.

Ash has monkey feet.

“Look what we have here.” Jessie laughed.

“I spy cliff divers!”

“It looks they want to have a diving lesson.” Meowth laughed grabbing Ash’s feet.

Ha ha. I was spot on!

“Don’t you dare!” Ash wispered.

“I will be so mad at you! So mad! You wouldn’t believe how utterly ticked off I would be!”

“I dare.”


Meowth said dropping Ash’s feet.

Apparently Meowth had no trouble whatsoever, briefly holding up two young boys and a pokemon so that he could deliver his punch line.

“AHHH!” Ash, Bryan, and Charmander screamed

:iconcharmanderplz: “Sorry guys. My bad.”

as they fell off the cliff and started plummenting

They fell off the cliff but they only just started to plummet…

to the river that was below.

“Ahh!” Ash and Bryan screamed as the river came closer. SPLASH!

Was there really any point to the divider?

“Ash, Bryan, Charmander!” Misty screamed

Wait… when did they get out of their cage?

as she saw them plumet into the river,

Where are they anyway? I mean, how can she be witness to them falling off unless she just came through after seeing Meowth let them go… and in that case why didn’t she try to stop them from falling. It’s like the uselessness of Kingdom Hearts donald and goofy all over again.

 :icondonaldrapefaceplz: “Oh we’ll stop you from stabbing yourself Sora…” 

:icongoofyplz: “Gosh! And Golly! Golly Gosh!”

“They are gone!” Misty whispered in disbeilf.

Her faith in them is overwhelming.

“Pikachu.” Pikachu sobbed.

“Ash still had my personalized sleeping bag!”

“Help, guys!” Misty heard a faint voice cry. “What? [God?] I think I hear Ash.” Misty said looking over the edge. There down below, Ash and Bryan were holding onto a rock.

What the hell splashed? Charmander? Ooh… RIP Charmander.

Charmander didn’t even fall into the water.

I must have wrote that sentence to spite my future self.

Charmander grabbed hold of a branch high above the water. “Hurry!” Ash called. “Bryan and I can’t hold on much longer and we are not very far from a water fall.

Of course. What plummet into a raging river’s complete without a waterfall.

“Save Charmander first! [:iconsparklepireplz: I mean I’m pretty sure I can survive the waterfall.]” Bryan shouted. “If he falls in to the water his tail will go out!” “If we go off that water fall we will go out!” Ash yelled.


“I’ll get the others!” Misty shouted [“You guys fend for yourself while I’m gone!”] and then to Pikachu she said, “You stay here and call me if they move.”


“Hurry!” Bryan and Ash shouted.



“Gotta get help!” Misty said to herself running through the woods.

Yes, this is exactly the sort of things I say to myself too when running for help. Although while she didn’t just try to throw them a rope or something is beyond me.

Suddenly from behind the trees Team Rocket blocked her path.“I don’t think you are going to tell anyone, Misty!” James laughed showing her a rope.

Look! A rope! Like one you could of used to save your friends instead of running off like an idiot. I wonder if she squeezed her way out of the cage and told those guys in the cage “I’ll go get help” too. Why don’t you just grab the rope Misty and make a run for it back to your friends! DO SOMETHING USEFUL!

“Pikachu use that vine over there to get Charmander up.” Ash called.


Pikachu grabbed the vine with his teeth and threw it over the edge. Charmander was able to grabe on to the rope and climb up. Once Charmander was at the top Bryan was able to breath again.

:iconsparklepireplz: “Okay. I’m good. Charmander’s safe, I can die in peace.”

 :iconashmadplz: “What the hell dood. Stop stealing my thunder.”

 Suddenly out of the bushes

Where the hell are bushes? Floating on the water?

 came Team Rocket pushing a tied-up Misty. “We bought you a friend,

What is it with me making these “found a friend” statements?

in return for your Pokemon. [Just toss them up here if you please. You know- before you get them wet.] Thanks.” Jessie said pushing Misty off the edge.

Cliff jumping party!

“AHH!” Misty screamed falling into the water.

Now did she really fall into the water? Or was this one of those- splash, but I held on at the last second and didn’t fall in sort of things?

James and Jessie meanwhile grabbed Charmander and Pikachu and put them to bags and ran into the woods.

You know they could make a career of this. Wait around cliffs and push people off them and then steal their remaining pokemon.

“What are you doing, Ash?” Bryan yelled as let go of the rock and started swimming to Misty.

Wait so they were in the water? They weren’t hanging on the side of the cliff? Ugh my writing is vague and frustrating.

“Misty can’t swim all tied-up like that!” Ash yelled back. Of course Misty fell closer to the waterfall then Ash and Bryan did.

Of course.

“Wait, you will need help.” Bryan said letting go of the rock.

Not sure what help Bryan can provide. But at least this way they can all die together. Except for Bryan- who’s already undead.

“HELP!” Misty screamed. When Ash and Bryan reached Misty they were too close to the waterfall. Since they couldn’t find a handheld all they could do was scream.

The waterfall was getting closer and Ash got a once in a life time idea. “Squirtle I choose you!” Ash screamed bring Squirtle out of his poke-ball.

Really? He couldn’t think of this sooner?

“Hold on to Squirtle!” Ash yelled to the others.

Great advice, Ash. We were thinking of not doing that.

Everyone did as they were told. 

“AHHH!” Ash, Bryan, Misty, and Squirtle screamed as they fell off the waterfall.

:iconsquirtleplz:“Hurray. I was totally ineffectual.”

Ash’s mom was very nervous. She felt weird.

As if a million voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

She wanted to find Ash despartly. So she was walking in the woods

Seriously. Does anyone remember how they got out of that cage?

when she heard Misty scream. Ash’s Mom ran to where the sound was coming from. When she reached the cliff, what her eyes beheld frighted her. There below Ash, Misty, Bryan, and Ash’s Squirtle fell off the waterfall. “NOO!” She screamed.

“I don’t want to paint my house black again!”

Ash felt the water rush at him hard as he fell. The world seemed to go in slow motion.

The world seems to do that alot.

Ash was sure he wouldn’t make it, but as if it was a mircule [Or maybe just a miracle.], he found the way to the surface. “I made it.” He said, Breathing in the air. Squirtle had brought him up to the surface but he didn’t see the others.


Ash’s Mom was over joyed when she saw Ash’s head pop out of the water. She found a vine that swung down

Geez. Even Delia saw the vine, Misty!

the huge cliff and started to climb down it.

Where are they anyway? The amazon? What random forest in Japan has giant vines?

When reached the water she let go of the vine and swam over to Ash and squirtle and helped squirtle carry Ash to land. “Mom, I can’t find the others.” Ash said tring to get up.

“They’ve been holding their breath for a really long time!”

“Don’t try to get up. You need to rest. Squirtle and I will find them.” Ash’s mom said gently pushing him back down. “How can I lay down when my friends might be dead, and Team Rocket has Pikachu?” Ash said quietly.

Oh calm down Ash. This sort of thing happens nearly every episode, each time in different ways. You’ll be sending TR blasting off before the next commercial break.

Next time on BttF, a candlelight vigil is held for those lost to the mighty waterfall, and Bryan walked in right in the middle of Amazing Grace. “Oh,” He says kind of sheepishly. “Yeah, I’m not dead. But do carry on- I kind of accidently ate Misty on the way here… What? What’s that look for?” Later Ash takes up some more cliff diving. He claims its for recreational sport but really he’s just doing it so that he can hear the dead Misty berate him time and time again before trying to do dangerous things.

Let’s All Just Jump Off Cliffs: Back To The Future Pt 8

Chapter VIII: The Greatest Pokemon Battle You’ll Never See

Charmander doged the attack.

Big surprise there.

And just in time too!

“Flame thrower!” Bryan yelled.

Charmander obeyed. The battle was ferice.

<sarcasm> Yes. I agree.</sarcasm> It’s funny how I needed to tell you how the battle was. When really all you see is about three moves.

Ash had never seen Team Rocket battle so good.

Either that or Bryan just sucked… Sorry Brian.

This scared him. Ash started to see Charmander’s weakness. It looked like the Charmander’s left foot was a bit shaky.

Oh ho ho. Achilles heel anyone?

Abrok saw it too.

Ab…rok? Like Abs rock? Friend of “The Situation”? I actually have no idea what I just referenced. I’m assuming it was a reference to a meathead that names his body parts.

Abrok suddenly flipped the Charmander over on its back.

Quick! Evasive turtle action!

It almost looked all over. Ash then saw hope.


“Bryan! Make Charmander use tail whip!” Ash yelled.

:O_o: Wha wha what? Isn’t Charmander on his back? And what use is it at this point? …Maybe Ash knows something we don’t?

It worked,

the flame from Charmanders tail stung Abrok eyes


causing him to fall back. Which was just enough time to have Charmander use flame thrower.

This battle was completely nonsensical! Since when was tail whip ever a useful move? Aside from when your starter was on level 5 and you were trying to survive a freak pidgeotto attack?

“Ahh, Abrok!” Jessie ran over to her Poke’mon. “Return Abrok.”

“I win! Now let Ash go!”

“I’m afried I can’t do that…” Jessie smiled.

I’m starting to think that that lady chaperon on the bus I passed my notebook to, during that one field trip in middle school, for her to read was joking when she told me I had a good grasp over grammar and spelling.

“BRYAN!” Ash, Ash’s Mom, Misty, Brock, and Proffesser Oak yelled as James and Meowth came up behind Bryan.

Bryan is one of those lesser vampires. Sneak attacks do not bode well with him. Even obvious ones.

“Oh, Great! We are now all in the Cage.” Ash sighed.

The way Cage is capitalized makes me think that its slang for something much more terrifying than what it actually is- like a state prison or the abstruse term used to define being trapped the seemingly unescapable and never ending cycle of human slavery. Then I remember what I’m reading and shut up.

“Don’t worry, look what I [conveniently] have!” Bryan said holding up the keys.

“I love you, man [in a totally platonic non-romantic brotherly i-like-you-but-i-don’t-want-you sort of way.]” Ash said giving him a [manly] high-five.

“We won for once!” Meow said happily

Famous Last Words.

taking a big bite out of his piece of  [:O_o: Pikachu?!] chicken [Oh thank gawd].

“Yep!” James Said while chewing.

Ew. See-food.

“No, you didn’t!” A familar voice called.

Gary Mother F-ing Oak?


:iconpitplz: ??!!!

Jessie said spitting up her food.

In the distance there stodd, Ash, Pikachu, Bryan, Charmander, Brock, Vulpix, Misty, Starme, Proffeser Oak, and Ash’s Mom.

Geez. Poor Delia. She doesn’t even get a name in my stories.

“Uh oh!” Team Rocket wipered.

“Go, Poke’mon!” Bryan and Ash yelled.

“AHHH!” Team Rocket screamed.


When did my Ls turn into Rs?

thew a flame thrower, that surrounded Team Rocket which prevented them from go any where.

Run-on! Huzzah!

“Pikachu, aim a lighting bolt at them! NOW!” Ash yelled.


“AHH!” Team Rocket screamed.

“Starmie, water gun to put out that fire!” Misty yelled.

Nice to know Misty is so useful…

Starmie did just that, just missed alittle bit.

Wow. Even more useful…

“Hey watch it!” Ash yelled.

“Sorry Ash.” Misty giggled.

“Aren’t you glad I’m a water trainer? Tee hee!”

“Can’t you grow up?

Eh? Random retort…

 Oh sorry… you already did.” Ash said studdering.

:iconfacepalmplz: :icondoublefacepalmplz: :iconwtfisthisplz:

“You’re alittle too late!” Misty laughed.


“They are geting away!” Ash yelled


as Team Rocket ran into the woods.


“Have we gotten away from THEM! Jessie screamed falling of the cliff.


“Gotta! [Catch them all!]” James said pulling her back up. “We should be safe here.”

“Think again!” Bryan said steping out of the shadows with Charmander close behind.

:iconsparklepireplz: “This is the skin of a killer.”

“Charmander skull bash now!”

Question! Does not this attack always sound mind numbingly painful to the attacker? I always felt bad ordering my pokemon to use that move. Just a random thought… I’m trying to distract you from what I know is coming.

“Char!” Charmander said gaining speed. But suddenly the world seemed to go in slow motion as Team Rocket moved causing Charmander to fall off the cliff.

They did so by casually side stepping the charging pokemon and saying “Whooooop.”

“Charmander!” Bryan said jumping after him.

Next time on Back to the Future,  Bryan and Charmander die. And no one cares. Except for the real Brian out there who’s now saying “HEY!!” Team Rocket, having discovered what a powerful new skill this side stepping was, began frequently trying it out on Team Twerps. It worked, for the most part, but only in the presence of cliffs and/or waterfalls, faithful geysers, and volcanos. And not in the presence of Pit, who had this nasty habit of catching the twerps before they daringly jumped off the cliff after their pokemon. Except when near volcanos- as Pit doesn’t like volcanos. Or when a round of super smash is going down. Because in that case, Pit will help them all off the cliff. Meanwhile, Gaston is off being the best at kicking puppies.


Ash has the Best of Friends: Back To The Future Pt 7

Chapter VII: Team Rocket Betrays Them, Surprising No One

“You can’t be Ash! We killed you and your pikachu!” Meowth screamed.

We dropped you into the cardboard box of DOOM! There’s no coming back from that!

“No, you didn’t kill me, [You just destroyed me a little.] you sent me through time. [Somehow.] And now I need your help.” Ash laughed.

“Which for some inexplicable reason I think you’ll give to me.”

“And so, do you know how to get me out of here?” Ash said finishing explaining the story to them.

I’m going out of a limb here and saying… no.

“We will help you under one condition. [Give us your pikachu!] If you promise not to stop any of our plans when we build your Time Machine.” Jessie said holding out her hand.

Oh god. That’s the kind of deal Goku would accept whole heartedly. “Ha ha. Sure Vegeta. I’ll promise you my unborn child too!”

“Deal!” Ash agreed shaking her hand.

Ash. Please don’t have any children.

“Where is Ash?” Brock said looking out the window,

I mean I know we ditched him earlier but I think he took the plot with him.

“He has been gone for a long time.”

Suddenly the lagre doors to the lab swung open and in came the group.

“Look it’s Ash, and his Mom and…” Misty got cut off.

Chuck Norris?

“and Team Rocket!” Brock finished.


“Hi guys. I got bored so I found some friends!” Ash laughed.

There are no words.

After they had finished talking about thier story,

No one is even remotely bothered by the guys, who had supposably killed Ash all those years ago, now hanging out with them all?

they all started working.

Guess not.

 Ash with Proffessor Oak

Oh I’m sure he was tons useful.

started to put a diagram of the Time Mashine together.

“It was sorta square… made of cardboard.”
“Uh huh. I see. Tell me more.”
“I think it was kind of box-like.”

Misty, Ash’s Mom, and Brock found the matials

Presumably from Staples

 and Team Rocket and Pikachu put it together.

Who the hell came up with these teams? Did they draw lots or something?

 This work was hard

Probably because all the parties teamed up were trying to kill one another.

but they manged.

“Wow it looks great!” Ash said happily.

Let me quickly evade explaining what it looks like!

“Now we need to get to an open field.” Professer Oak started.

Cardboard boxes need plenty of space for take off.

“I know the perfect place!” Ash smiled at Pikachu.

Pikachu responds with, :iconzomgplz: “WHA? NO! ANYTHING BUT THAT! AAA WHAA FOR-GIVEEE-NEesssssss…”

Once they were all at the stage

Pikachu, you’re off the hook!

 and got the time mashine in place they said thier good-byes.

“Have a safe trip.” Misty sobbed.

“For some reason, I am sad.”

“Goodbye my friend.” Brock said tenderly.

Ash quickly backs away when Brock starts stroking his cheek. Brock immediately becomes flustered, “What? No! I’m just lonely okay? STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!”

Then promptly explodes.

“My Son, don’t be gone long.” Ash Mom was able to say.

I wouldn’t want to go through painting my house entirely black again after all.

“Bye Misty, Brock,

Well maybe not Brock

Proffesser Oak, Mom. See you real soon.” Ash said to all of them.

Or rather, I’ll see you real soon and not vice versa. As soon as I leave this dimension will cease to exist. Tee hee!

“Are you ready Pikachu?”

Pikachu jumps at the sound of its name. “Huh wha?”

“Pikachu!” Pikachu answered.

“Not so fast.” James laughed.

Seriously… who was surprised by this?

 “You’re not going anywhere. A group of scientist would love to have you Ash.”

Although it may take a lot of explaining to get them to purchase a child off of us… Hm. A group of children slave traders would love to have you Ash!

“What?” Ash said in disbellf.

Evil Team Rocket members acting evil completely baffles Ash!

“Let me sum it up for you.” Jessie said grabbing ash by the arm. “Your not going back, neither is your pikachu.” Jessie threw Ash into a cage with Pikachu.

Great to see Ash’s friends raring to his rescue…

“HELP!” Ash screamed in terror.


“PIKACHU” Pikachu screamed.


“Rember Ash our deal you will not stop our plans,” Jessie laughed.

Oh yes. I’m sure he’s going to uphold his end of the bargain now… as you attempt to sell him on the black market.

“Our plan just might work for once.” Meowth smiled.

Especially since his friends are exhibiting no true effort to save him.

“Your not going anywhere. Not while I’m around. Or my charmander.”


Byran said

Oh no. Just him.

 coming out of the bushes,

“Charmander, go! Flame thrower!”

“AHH! TOO HOT!” Team Rocket screamed.


“What? I thought you didn’t have Poke’mon like Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, or squrtle. I though you never even heard or seen those type of Pokemon before.” Ash said surprized.

:iconedwardcullencameplz: I lied.

“So, I lied.

Omg. I didn’t think I’d be right! Haha.

I didn’t know if you were from the past

I mean come on. You claimed you fell out of a cardboard box. Who’d believe that?

because if you were maybe I can come back home too!” Byran said slyly.

“You mean your from the Past?” Ash asked.

“Why is Past capitalized?”

“Of couse!” Byran answered,

The author totally didn’t just make that up right now.

“I will tell you about it later. Right now I have got to save you.”

I just need to finish setting TR on fire and then you’ll be sufficiently saved!

“Alright you little brat move aside.” Jessie said coldly.

“No way!

Jessie: Damn. Thought that would work.

I will make a deal with you. We will have a Pokemon battle. If I win you let Ash and Pikachu go. If You win you get me.” Bryan said.

 “A fine plan.”

“What are you doing? Are you crazy?” Ash yelled.

“Little bit.”

“I have trust in my charmander. Belive

Believe It! 

me.” Bryan said to him, then to Charmander, “Get ready Charmander.”

I’m going to end up using every obscure quote in my arsenal, aren’t I?

Misty, Brock, Professer Oak, and Ash’s Mom were put in the cage too to keep them from helping in any way.

Oh believe me. There was no danger of that happening.

“It’s a deal. Arbok go. Poisin Sting.” Jesssie said.

“Watch out Charmander!” Bryan yelled.

Next time on Back to the Future, I completely run out of icons to use, my head explodes from all the spelling and grammar errors, and I completely give up on posting anymore more of these awful stories… Just kidding. I’m pretty sure only half of that will come to pass.

Grief Taken to the Extreme: Back To The Future Pt 6

Chapter VI: Ash’s Mother Discovers Emo

“My Mom?” Ash said.

I have a mom?

Ash rembered her house always so cheerful with sweet smelling flowers out-lining the house. But [this] looked nothing like it. Ash touched the screen. The Image of the house got bigger. Ash was so suprised, the house was painted black and instead a lively flowers and a beautiful apple tree there was only a stump and weeds.

When Delia goes emo. She goes hardcore.

Rain Sold Separately

“Is there anyway I can see inside?” Ash said slowly.

“I’m afraid not.

Not unless you go into pervert cam mode. Ahem, not that I have that installed or anything.

You can go there yourself.” Professer said tring to get him to see his problem.

I imagine he did so by wiggling his eyebrows, elbowing Ash in the side,  and going “eh eh?”

If he goes there Team Rocket might not be in town when he gets back.

For some weird reason.

“Family comes first. I would rather stay here for the rest of my life then know my mom is like this.” Ash said.

Or you know you could go back in time and prevent it from ever happening… Just a thought.

Ash walked down the road alone.

Oh yes. Just go give your clinically insane mother a heart attack by showing up at her doorstep unaged after twenty or so years. That can’t possibly be a bad plan.

Everyone else would look for Team Rocket and at least let Pikachu go back.

Yeah notice how Pikachu isn’t off seeking out relatives when it will be all null void if he goes back? Ash, your stupidity reaches new heights in this story. Sorry. My bad.

Ash reached the house and climbed over the broken down feneh. When he reached the door he couldn’t move another inch.

Invisible trap?!

What If she won’t reconise me? Ash wondered, then what would I do. Ash forsed his hand to knock. No-one answered. Ash pushed open the door. The door made a squel of pain when it opened.

Apparently doors are sentient creatures in the future.

“Hello. Anyone home?” Ash called.

:iconitsatrapplz:It’s a trap!!!1

“Go away. I don’t like vistors.” A faded voice answered.

“I thought you loved guests. Did you change because of me?” Ash said tenderly.

“Or Brock? Cause I’ll go kill him for you if it will make you feel better.”

“Look I don’t know who you are but I am in moring

Even though it’s afternoon.

and if you don’t go away now I will call the Police.” the woman’s voice said.

Ash followed the voice into his bedroom. Their he saw a woman at about 50 years in age

Wonder if she has a 30 year old voice? Yeah I know. I said I would stop. I lied.

sitting apon his bed. She was looking out the window and didn’t even notice him come in.

“Wow, you really took care of my room.” Ash said.

Ash. Still the supreme master of subtly.

The room looked just like when he left it.

“Excuse me, but don’t you know what go away means…

She awfully polite to someone who just broke into her house.

Ash?” The woman said turning around. She dropped the book she was holding and hundreds of pictures fell out. Ash bent down to pick them up and couldn’t help but look at them.

While Ash is leisurely looking through the photos, Delia has gone into shock– collapsed on the floor foaming at the mouth.

One was Ash’s 5th birthday, another was Ash when he first got Pikachu.

“These are all pictures of me!” Ash said suprised.

“I thought for sure you’d have a photo album of… iunno, puppies or something normal like that.”

“Ash is that really you?” Ash’s mother said stareing up at him.

“Last time I cheaked.” Ash said alittle shaky.

Ho ho. Witty… :sarcasm:

“But so young!” Ash’s mom said in disbelif.

“I’m the same way everyone last saw me, mom. Me and Pikachu must have gone through time.” Ash said tring to explain.

At least I’m pretty sure now what with the older trees, and the Misty with the 30 year old voice.

“What do you mean everyone?” Ash’s Mom asked.

Great transition there. Totally didn’t see it leading up to a divider.

“And that is how it all happeaned.” Ash said finishing his story to his mom.

Sure glad that happened off screen or else we might have wasted paper space.

“Then what are we doing here for? We need to get out of the future and back to the Past!” Mom said cheerfully.

“Uh. Mom. You aren’t coming with me… you know that right?”

 “I will get the car ready, and I will drive you there.”

“Mom… Are you listening to me?”

“Can I stay here for a momment longer. I have missed my bed.” Ash said laying back.

Wow. Ash has a serious case of unstraightened priorities.

“Sure but hurry up.”

We’ve got to catch up with the plot. I hear a vampire holds it hostage!

“Ahh…” Ash said breathing in the quiet, comfy, smell of his room.

Ash. Master of wasting paper space.

Ash then heard what sounded like yelling coming outside his window. Ash walked over to his window. What he saw amased him so much he ran down the stairs and out the back door.

They don’t have to look for the plot after all! It came to them! Go figure!

There in Ash’s backyard Team Rocket stood. They were trying to break into the house.

Painted black houses always hold high priced valuables, or at least expensive hot topic merchandise.

 Picture the look of their on their faces when Ash opened the door they were trying to break into from the inside.

Because I’m much too lazy to describe it myself.

“Hello, Team Rocket.” Ash smiled.

Of course they didn’t reconise him.

It’s less fun that way, I suppose.

  “We have no idea who you are but I intend to sew that mouth of yours shut.” Jessie said coldly.

That would hurt.

“It is time to…”

“Prepare for trouble, make it double.” Ash gigled. “To protect the world from devstain. To unite all people with our nation. To anouse the evils of truth and love, to extend out reach to the stars above, Jessie, James, Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light, surrener now or prepare to fight, Meowth that’s right.”

“James! Fetch me my sewing kit!”

“Look boy you are really starting to tick me off!” Jessie yelled.

“Who are you?” James asked.

“Rember a little boy of 10 years who always destroys your plans. Well, It looks like he struck again.” Ash smiled.


“AAAHHHH!!!” Team Rocket screamed.

Next time on BttF, Ash decides to go visit some more people he hasn’t seen since he disappeared including Tracey, Duplica, and his Uncle Jerry. He’s a little disappointed that all their lives went on smoothly after his supposed death. While he’s gone, Pikachu and the rest of the gang find Bryan- who’s holed himself up in the house with the cardboard box hostage. He offers a trade… Pikachu for the cardboard box… WHAT COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN NEXT? STAY TUNED!