Chapter of Foreshadowing: Pewter City Lab Pt 2

Chapter II: Premonitions of Togepi Explosion

“What, What!” Ash and Misty said bursting through the door.

Inside Ash and Misty came upon Brock’s father holding the missing pokemon ray gun pointed at them- having turned Brock into a onyx. The monstrous pokemon was thrashing about knocking Ash, Brock’s Dad and Misty to the floor. Then, without warning, the magical cardboard box that Ash had been carrying in his pocket ripped through the dimensions tossing the trio and Brock’s father into the black abyss of time. All while Brock’s father was screaming “I AM NOT YOUR FATHER! I’M REALLY JAMES IN DISGUISE! BTW I TOTALLY DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING AT ALL.” (See last two stories for details.)

Inside they saw Brock was tring to strangle his father.

So less cool.

Brock’s face was bright red. Ash stepped between them. 

“Move, he needs to die! He sold my gym and turned it into to a lab.” Brock yelled.

Sounds as good a reason to kill someone as any given via Detective Conan criminals. 

He stole the last bowl of cocoa cocoa puffs. I go coo-coo for cocoa cocoa puffs!

“It is a most impressive Lab.” Brock’s father choked.

Brock’s father is a master at making a bad situation worse. “BTW, I may or may not have sold your mother’s ashes to them too.”

“SHUT UP!” Brock shouted. 

“Stop it. I’m sure your father has a perfectly good reason why he sold it. Right?” Ash asked. [“Think of a good reason or I’m feeding you to the wolves.]

“Well, I tried to care for the gym but people kept beating me. I lossed lots of money and became the laughing stock of the city. This man came to the gym one day and offered to buy. It took a minute but I finally sold it too him.

It took him an entire minute to decide. =P

There is one way to get it back, if you find a flaw in their work you get the lab back.” The father finished.

Well that’s a rather glaringly obvious loop hole. Is Team Rocket running this lab? Wait, I forgot. I wrote this. Of course Team Rocket is running the lab.

“That settles it. Tomorrow Misty, Ash, and I are going to the Lab.” Brock snickered.

Our heroes, ladies and gentlemen!

“Ash, wake up!” Misty wispered into Ash ear. 

“What?” Ash wined. 

“I wonder what the Lab will be like.” Misty wispered.

Odd reason to be struggling to sleep. Like they think they’re going to some infamously haunted house. It’s just a lab.

“Just tell tokapi it will be alright, it makes you feel better.” Ash said dosing off. 

Misty turned around to see Tokapi sleeping soundly in it’s slumber bag. Beside Ash was a snoring Pikachu. Everyone was asleep except for her.

Yeah. And why is she awake again? What does Misty have a paralyzing fear of scientists or something that’s keeping her up? Oh no! Not Schrodinger’s Cat! Anything but that! Blaggh gurggle gurggle.

Misty woke up [“A body… mumble… in motion… stays in…Newton’s first law?!!” Misty looks about wildly. “Oh… It was just a bad dream.”] to see Tokapi walk out of the room. 

Misty followed Tokapi through the dark hallway. Everyone was still sleep at least that was what Misty thought. 

“Ash! Pikachu!

She thinks they are all asleep so she goes to wake them up? Awfully mean of her.

What are you doing up?” Misty questioned.  

Oh they were already awake. Okay. I stand corrected.

“Well, Me, Pikachu and Tokapi were hungry so we were looking for something to eat.” Ash lied. 

“You can’t sleep either can you?” Misty said.

“Yea your right. I’m worried.

What is with this irrational fear of this lab? Did I miss something?

I had a wierd dream. I dreamt thier was a big explosion in the Lab. It was made by Tokapi. It knocked down a glass fillied with some foumle and it exploed.” Ash studdered.


“That is the silliest thing I have ever heard,

Well that’s the last time Ash ever tells you anything.

but I was woried for Brock. He is probelly going to do something stupid.” Misty yawned.

Whatever gave you that idea? Surely couldn’t have been tipped off by his evil snickering and stroking of nonexistent goatee? Nothing remotely suspect about that.

Brock woke up to see noone in the room.

Brock suspected that they may have taken the plot and left without him. But he quickly chased that thought away realizing he was in one of my first fanfictions, no plot included.

“Guys?” Brock said getting out of his bed. Brock walked into the kitchen. There he saw Ash and Misty sleeping head to head each holding thier own Poke’mon.

Probably the first sign of Pokeshippy in my stories. Ashachu had a little but this was more when I think I was making a conscious effort. Course… little known fact- when I first watched pokemon, I disliked Misty. I only grew to like her eventually.

Brock fell back laughing.


He had never saw Ash and Misty get even close enough to hold hands. But here they were close enough to kiss, not that they would get that close. [Hint hint. Nudge nudge. Wink wink.] The laughter woke them up quick.

“What!” Ash said angery because that Brock was laughing at him.

Nah, we thought Ash angry about something else. :roll:

“Nothing! Hurry up, I want to go to the gym now!” Brock smiled.

Misty and Ash stared at eachother.


The Lab was a huge building with huge doors.

If it’s a large building you’d usually assume that they’d have… large doors. Now small building with huge doors- that’s interesting.

It looked just like the old gym from the outside but from the inside it looked much different.

Excuse me while I quickly evade describing both!

They walked inside with their mouth wide open

Apparently their mouths all fused into one through their utter awe.

gapping in wonder. Tokapi walked strait in and started walking around and messing with things. Ash kept a watchful eye on her. When ever Tokapi picked something up Ash took it away and placed it where Tokapi got it from. 

“Welcome to the Pewter city Lab. [Home of dangerous exploding chemicals.] We don’t start the tours till 10:00 am [And we’re not open till 8 am so get the hell out, you damn kids.] so if you wait over in the waiting room we will be there sooner than you can say Poke’mon.” A nice looking lady said smiling.

They have tours? Rather… odd, don’t you think?

Brock’s stern face became gentle. “What’s a beautyful girl like you doing in a place like this?” Brock drooled.

“Uh… I work here?”

“We aren’t here for the tour, we are here to see the manger of this lab. [We aim to destroy its reputation so that Brock here can selfishly take it back as a poorly run gym. Oops. Did I say that out loud?] Right Brock?” Misty nudged.

“Yes, but I’ll be perfectly happy if I stayed with you.” Brock drooled.

Ew. I feel bad for the receptionist.

“BROCK!” Misty said elbowing him. “We need to see him fast. [A life is on the line! Uh, our cardboard box might explode if it rains! There’s a time limit on Brock’s lifespan! We’re halfway through page 7, Team Rocket could show up at any moment! Come on guys, you can pitch in any time now.]

“Sorry there is no way you can see him. [He doesn’t exist!] He is a very buzy man.” The woman said shaking. 

Poke’mon” Ash said quietly.

Aw. Ash was trying to be witty. How cute.

NEXT TIME ON THE PEWTER CITY LAB! Misty has a panic attack when she runs into a head female scientist. Brock immediately starts salivating all over her. And Ash accuses her of attempting to give explosive chemicals to Togepi. They quickly get thrown out. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is burning Celadon City to the ground. They do a fairly decent job of raping and pillaging. Their victory will be short lived however as Celadon is obviously the next place on Ash and Company’s list of random places to teleport.



Brock’s Dad is a Dick: Pewter City Lab Pt 1

Chapter I: In Which ____ Happens

“Bye Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu! Come back soon.”

Preferably soon or I might randomly have to take up painting my house in accordance to my feelings again.

Ash’s Mom called to her son and his friends.

Two stories in and Delia still lacks a name.

“Your mom is really nice,” Misty said rubbing her stomach. “including when she makes browie sundas.”

Brows and whatnow?

“Yea, I guess I’m lucky to have a mom like that.” Ash smiled.

Real nice Ash. Considering you know both Brock and Misty don’t have a on-screen mother.

“Where should we go next?” Misty asked.

Maybe Viridian since the only way out of Pallet goes through… Viridian.

“It is only fair. If we go to someone elses house [and mooch off their parents]. Misty?” Ash questioned. 

“NO WAY! Im not ready to meet my sisters again. [They might “like” me to death… like word, for reals, totally. Whatever braw. Peace out.]” Misty yelled. 

“Okay then it is my turn. I have been wanting to see what happened to my gym anyway.” Brock smiled.

If the title has any credence with the rest of this story, Brock will probably regret this decision.

“I hope my Dad has took care of it.”

Ooooh. I bet not.

“Well let’s stop wondering and start moving.” Ash said running with Pikachu behind him.

God. Why must my transitions always be painful?

5 days later: “That took longer than I thought it would.” Brock said

That makes one of us.

sitting down on a rock. 

“What did you supect? When me and Misty went through there it took 8 days.”

Seriously? Or did I just pull a random number out of my ass?

Ash said sitting down beside him.

I’m betting on the latter.

“That is because you got us lost.” Misty muttered.

Yeah. Though Misty deserved it for stalking Ash in the first place.

“Did not!” 

“Did too!” 

“Did not!” 

“Did too!”

“Did not!” 

“STOP!” Brock screamed. “I don’t know nor care who got you guys lost.

Brock speaks for the reading audience.

Lets just go into town. I want to see my family.” 

Honestly I haven’t had much material to work with yet. My stories aren’t usually this… normal. I wonder if aliens are about to attack in a chapter or two? Pokemon aliens. Magical pokemon aliens. Wait- pokemon already made an episode like that, didn’t they? …Well that never stopped me before. Write on Past Me. Write on.


When the group reached Brock’s house, they were greeted by hundreds of little children.

Apparently Brock’s parents reproduced like rabbits.

Amasingly enough, Brock knew all their names. 

“Hi, [A brother named hi?] Joey, Mickie, Megan, Ashley, Julie, Mark… etc.

Yup, that’s about all the names in my bad names dictionary.

Brock said hugging them all.

Brock has giant retractable octopus arms.

“Hi Ash, Misty, Pikachu, big bro!” They all chimed. 

“Yes. Hello Brock,” Someone behind them said. 

“You!” Brock whirls about. “Wait. Wrong ‘you’. Meant to use that indignant response for someone else.”

They all turned around quickly.

“Dad,” Brock muttered.

Even though I came all this way to see you, for some reason I am disgruntled by your presence.

“Dad?” Ash and Misty said in amazement.

Brock has a dad?

“Ash, you look more like a trainer now than ever. Last time I saw you, you looked weak. [Well… weaker.]” The father [Apparently Brock’s Dad doesn’t get a name either.] said looking over Ash.

“Thank you, I think?” Ash said sratching his head. 

“Rember me?” Misty asked. 

“Nope!” He answered. 

“Hump!” Misty muttered. [“Brock, your Dad’s a dick.”]

“Come on in. I was just making dinner.” Brock’s father said walking into the house. Everyone followed.

After that welcome, I’d doubt they did so eagerly.

Once Ash stepped inside, he got a whiff of chicken drumsticks [as opposed to what a whole chicken smells like] and choclte chip cookies at the same time. The house was filled with hundreds of children each eating a cookie. 

“The children have allready eaten, but we have chiken left over.” Brock father said pulling a bucket of chicken out of the refrigearater. 

After everyone had eatten some of the delouis chicken  they were able to talk and figure out what was happening around here. 

“So how is my gym doing? [Because apparently that’s all I care about.]” Brock asked finishing the dishes. 

“Um, fine. I guess. [In other words, not fine at all.]” Brock father studdered. 

“What do you mean “I guess”?” Brock said angerly. 

“I think we should leave.” Mickie said pushing Ash, Misty, and the other children out the door.

Apparently Mickie has octopus arms too. Runs in the family.

“I didn’t want to tell you this but your gym as been ________.” Brock’s father’s voice fadded.

NO NOT ______! ANYTHING BUT ______! F-ING ______!

“AHHH!” Brocks scream sounded all around town.

I warned you. You don’t f-ing mess with ____.

Next time on The Pewter City Lab, we find out what the hell _____ is. Hopefully. And then Team Rocket probably steals it. Temporarily. But Pikachu will get it back just in time for Ash to jump off a cliff with it. All while Brock’s dad tries to prove he’s a good host by berating them some more.


Thought the First Two were Awful?: Pewter City Lab

Disclaimers: I obviously do not own Pokemon. I’d be a lot richer if I did.

I’ll never run out of material if all of my stories are as awful as this one. This one though is probably my only story that revolves around Brock. I don’t think I have any other stories like this, honestly. So it deserved its own Brock banner!

Don’t think that means that Brock stars in this story however. Of course Ash will be stealing the spotlight. Someone has to try and kill himself every story after all. Anyone up for more cliff diving? This one comes with toxic explosions!